12am | App 1 | Part 2

So much progress! This last week I’ve really started to feel the edges of Flutter in my mind. I had a couple of days that felt completely hopeless. I felt dumb. I felt like my soggy human brain wasn’t absorbing the information in a useful way and I was worried I would always be chained to my Google search trying(and failing) to modify other people’s code rather than writing my own.

These moments present a particularly good opportunity to stop and appreciate how adaptable the human mind is. Something I find myself thinking about a lot is the vastly different ways humans have specialized themselves. I have spent hours and hours training my neural pathways to identify color and shape in ways that best suit my design field. Because of that time and effort, my brain has adapted, literally built itself to my specifications and that never ceases to astound me.

When I’m having trouble learning something new I try to remember the big lift I’m asking of the meat computer I call home.

I had a few big moments of coming up against a problem and correctly guessing the solution, which is a definitive sign that I’m wrapping around this new language. My excitement for this project is still ramping up and I’m very happy with the way the design is coming along!

Current Design

Design Process

I get asked a lot about the steps no one sees. Below you will find some of the steps that my design has gone through on this journey.