12am | App 1 | Part 1

Flutter! I’m new to it so its very slow going as of yet. I feel very comfortable coding in HTML and CSS but have never learned any programming languages. With that in mind, I will be very heavily focused on the layout and design of our apps while Ryan will focus primarily on the data and logic.

APP 1 : Weed Strain Tasting Passport

Primary Function: Store weed strains and related details
Primary Interaction: Inputting/Updating strain details

App Brief:
There are so many available cannabis strains, all with different properties and experiences. The benefit of strain journaling is to document past experiences and refer back to them when choosing a new strain.

Initial Thoughts:
My first couple weeks of messing around with Flutter have been somewhat painful. Some of that has been Flutter’s syntax but most of it has been the simple reality of working hard to learn something totally new. Most of the learning that I’ve done in the past year or three has been small bits of new information added on to existing knowledge. Nearly all the learning I’ve done since graduating college has been done in isolation. Me at my desk, toiling at a task I was directed to accomplish and taking the necessary steps at whatever pace. This project pushes me to share a single self-owned project with my collaborator even at early draft stages that I would normally keep private. 12am isn’t just about learning Flutter and app building, it is also about developing a practice of learning, celebrating the struggle of something new, and pushing to be comfortably busy with my new found time.

So, the pain I’m feeling is mostly growth and I’m getting excited for our impending momentum. I love that feeling the first time you intuit the answer to a problem within a new system. Building the mental infrastructure for communicating in a new way is very satisfying and this week I just barely began to feel that with my Flutter layout. For this first project, I’m trying to keep my expectations low and focus on building my code well even if that means our first run at our first app is a little basic to look at.