12am Concepts | The beginning

By far the most prominent realization that came with leaving my full time job was how much time there really was in a day. Coming into my third month as a freelancer I’m still looking for projects to help me feel ‘busy’ enough.

I’ve wanted to learn more about app design ever since there has been apps but I have never fit in the time to learn such a big new skill. I’ve been feeling inspired by Yahtzee’s dev diary challenging himself to develop 12 games in 12 months. Yahtzee’s blunt honesty about fitting this project into other responsibilities and focusing on the value of practicing an art regardless of the end result was exactly what I needed to motivate me into a similar endurance experiment.

So! over the next 12 months Ryan and I plan to produce our first 12 apps!

Project Goals:

  • Ship the simplest viable version of each app
  • Demonstrate the app core concept
  • Learn something from each app
  • Document process and concepts learned


  • A blog post at the beginning of each app project
  • A blog post at the end of each app project detailing what I’ve learned
  • A monthly podcast recording Ryan and I’s feeling about the project and sharing our process.

See Ryan’s 12 am post here