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Whether you’re looking for a designer-on-call, a regularly scheduled training session, or a brand new website, I’d like to hear more. Please see my available services below and let me know how we can collaborate!

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Logo Design Services

Logo design and branding are some of my favorite projects. They go together like beer and pizza. Working with new, excited business owners who are interested in creating their brand “look” is always a great conversation.

Your logo embodies the personality of your brand and visually represents who you are. Developing your logo is a vital step when you launch (or rebrand) your business. Through custom logo design, we work together to create the perfect imagery, pick the right fonts, and choose the right colors to represent you.

My professional logo design services include several logo design packages. You may want something simple and typographical, no imagery just text in a chosen font. Or, you may want a logo with bold visuals and unique iconography to conceptualize your brand’s look. 

Graphic Design Services

Whether you need business cards, postcards, brochures, or any other marketing materials your strategy requires, I’m excited to be your go-to graphic designer.

Graphic design services include:

  • flyers
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • print & digital ads
  • book covers
  • postcards
  • menus & signs
  • stickers
  • packaging & labels
  • and more!

All projects are custom quoted based on your exact needs and timeline. Ask me about my graphic design retainers!

Website Design Services

My custom website design and development services include building your new site or redesigning an existing one. I build website using WordPress and a page builder called Divi. With these tools, we can build a site that is robust, beautiful and understandable to update. 

When you contact me about website development services, we will discuss the goals of your project including what you need your website to do and what you expect your users to need. Knowing the details of your existing content and how you envision your website to look will help me better estimate the cost to build it.

I do not write copy for your website. However, if you need a copywriter, I often partner with Lamplight Creatives who specialize in writing website content. 

For website projects in particular, it is important to discuss a detailed quote but you see some broad pricing estimates below.

Tutoring and Mentoring Services

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Whether its a new website or a new job, it can be really helpful to have someone there with you. I love tutoring InDesign and WordPress in particular but ask me about other topics related to my services I might be able to help with!

Green Eugene Magazine Layout

Publication Design

Long form print design services include projects that have many pages such as a conference program, annual report, or a book. These layout projects include gathering a lot of information and designing it on the pages in a way that is appealing and easy to navigate.

My professional experience includes a lot of long form print design. I worked for several years at a publisher of newspapers and magazines. I love big puzzles and long form publications are exactly that.


Using graphics to present data can be a powerful way to present a lot of information in an appealing way, especially if you want to showcase statistics or numbers. A well-designed infographic will incorporate imagery or icons to break up the data, and/or use oversized typography to draw attention in the right places.


Looking for less data and more personality? Your illustrations can be used as accents on the pages of a book, in areas of your website to visually represent content, or to use in training manuals to visually showcase how to do or not do something.

If your organization already has a logo, color palette, and approved fonts, we’ll use those to brand your design appropriately. Some clients choose to create smaller infographics or simple illustrations, for a postcard mailing campaign, for example. Others choose to make them for a brochure, or create full page or multi-page graphics for reports and books.

Newsletter Templates

Emailing newsletters has become a popular way many businesses keep their communities informed. Mailing newsletters is also a common strategy to share information, targeting a certain region or population.

I can create newsletter templates for either digital or printed use that you and your team can re-use as needed. These templates will have designed text areas and headers, and can also include branded elements, custom illustration, or other types of graphic design. I’m open to hearing your vision so we can develop a template perfect for your needs!

Branding Style Guide

Looking consistent wherever you show up – in print or online – is important for your brand’s recognition. It helps people recognize you when they see your marketing materials, sometimes subconsciously, because you always use the same colors and style.

Have a logo but not sure what your font or colors are?
Need an expanded color pallete for social media?
I can help.

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