Spring 2021 Classes

Get a website going

The first steps of a website project are often the most
intimidating. This class will walk you through the
process of securing hosting, purchasing a domain, and
getting WordPress installed on your new site. We will be
focusing on backend set up as well as front end design

Digital Illustration with Adobe Illustrator

Students will discuss digital illustration and how it’s
used in Graphic Design. Using Adobe Illustrator, we
will learn how to manipulate shape and color to create
vector illustrations

Graphic Design for Business and Pleasure

Graphic design has many uses, from marketing to
branding to personal art projects! Come learn about
the industry and get a better understanding of the
Adobe Creative Suite and what programs to use when.
Learn the basics of Photo editing, Digital illustration,
Typography, and Layout Design! See supplies to bring to
class: linnbenton.edu/supplies

Custom Minecraft Textures

Do you love Minecraft? Do you play on PC and always
wanted to make your own cobble? We’ll teach you the
many tools and techniques available to create your own
custom look for the game we spend too much time in.
See supplies to bring to class: linnbenton.edu/supplies