Fall 2022 Classes

Before you start a website – Starts September 26th

The first steps of getting a website going are often filled with more stress and struggle than you expected. This course will help prepare you for what to expect when starting a website. From purchasing a domain to choosing hosting, to hiring a developer to help. (4 weeks)

Get comfortable with WordPress – Starts September 28th

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms on the internet. If your site runs on WordPress and you want to understand it better this course is for you! We’ll discuss what to look for in a theme, how to find useful plugins and configure a blog among other core WordPress skills. (4 weeks)

Digital Illustration with Adobe Illustrator – Starts September 27th

Students will discuss digital illustration and how it’s used in Graphic Design. Using Adobe Illustrator, we will learn how to manipulate shape and color to create vector illustrations. (5 weeks)

Understand Images with Adobe Photoshop – Starts November 7th

Students will discuss image manipulation and how it is used in marketing and graphic design. Using Adobe Photoshop, we will learn how to do basic portrait editing as we as how to prepare image assets for print and web uses. (5 weeks)

Layout Design with Adobe InDesign – Starts November 1st

Learn how Adobe InDesign helps you combine content for successful graphic designs. If you need to make a brochure or poster, manage a catalog printing, or create some business cards, InDesign is the powerful tool you need! This class will introduce you to core InDesign logic and walk you through the entire process of layout project, from blank page, to planning, to archiving. (5 weeks)

Get to know Graphic Design – Starts November 7th

Learn about Graphic Design from a practicing freelance designer. Expand your vision to examine the graphic design around you all the time and be able to see its purpose and goals. Get to know the difference and basic purposes behind the core Adobe programs and learn how to create beginner level graphics using the Adobe Creative Suite. (6 weeks)